Long Arm Rental

What’s a Long Arm Rental?

Learn to use a long arm machine in our friendly, bright, spacious in-shop studios!  Our expert coaching is sure to have you confidently stitching on your very first quilt! We will walk you through every step of the process. We even provide free thread, pre-wound bobbins and a choice selection of pantograph designs with every rental!

You won’t believe the fantastic results you achieve on your very first quilt!  And… it’s crazy fun!

What You Can Expect

Every Rental Includes

  1. Free Glide thread & Pre-wound bobbins
  2. Choice of Pantographs (easy-med-hard)
  3. New needle with every session
  4. Leadergrips (Easy Loading System)
  5. Use of top-of-the-line APQS Machines (stitch regulated, power fabric advance, hydraulic table lift, bliss drive system, quilt glide) It’s like renting a Rolls-Royce.
  6. Expert Guidance and Confidence Coach

Long Arm Rental Certification Class.

Whether you have used a long arm machine before or not, this 3 hour class will have you stitching confidently before the class is over. This class is required prior to renting, and will teach you how to

  • Prepare your quilt for quilting
  • Load a quilt on the frame
  • Operate our long arm machines
  • Line-up & stitch a pantograph pattern
  • Advance your quilt to effortlessly line up each pass.

Contact us for the next long arm certification class!

How long will it take to finish your quilt?

    • Queen – 3-5 hrs
    • Double -2-3 hrs
    • Twin – 2 hrs
    • Baby  – 1-2 hrs


Our Machines

We have the following Long arms for rent


Why choose the Millennium

We took the best that exists and made it better. Beneath the surfaces lies some of the most technology available. The maneuverability, handling, and reliability – the Millennium (or Millie) has it all in perfect balance.

Our Millie also comes with Quilt path. Quilt your masterpiece with ease and professional accuracy using Quilt Path for APQS machines. Enjoy the benefits of an automated quilting system. Quilt Path’s easy to use touch pad makes it simple for you to design and layout your project and let Quilt Path quilt it!


Why choose Lucey

Lucey feels as if somebody handcrafted a quilting machine just for you. Lucey offers the quality and performance quilters expect from APQS at an economical price – making it an exceptional value.


Why choose George

With the George, you can create quilts that are as individualized as you are. George is our sit-down machine with a generous 20” throat and large, flat workspace to easily maneuver your quilt.

Contact us for more details, and to book your long arm rental.